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The Total Push-up Board will give you a perfectly shaped upper body.

This color-coded push board is specially designed to help you build muscles, stamina, and strength. The board comes with different color codes to target specific muscles. For example, blue is for chest, red is for shoulders, yellow is for back and green is for triceps. It comes with two pushup handles to be placed on those colored dots for the training of specific body parts. Use it for 30 minutes a day for a total body workout. 


  • 💪9 in 1: Each side has 9 different connecting ways. Through the combination of different holes on each side, more training methods can be formed; 
  • 💪Anti-slip Handgrip: Increased friction, reducing the possibility of slip, to do your workout more safety and powerful; 
  • 💪Double Lock: Utilizing Snap-Fit joints and Heavy-Duty Plug-ins, the handles are firmly attached to the Push-up Board allowing for a steady and secure workout; 
  • 💪Color-coded: Shoulders (Red), Chest (Blue), Back (Yellow), Triceps (Green); Changed color-coded push-ups for specific muscles; 
  • 💪Full Upper-Body Workout: With multiple angles to shape and fully exercise the upper body definition.   


PORTABLE - Simple mounting, lightweight and easy to store. Take it anywhere you go. 

HEAVY-DUTY - Sturdy & durable board & handles are also great for advanced and intense workouts like a plank, handstands, etc. 

COMFORTABLE - Enhanced comfort hand grips and Soft Cushioning. No blisters or irritation even with intense workouts. 

PERFECT FORM - A bad form can definitely injure you. The Pushup Board ensures that your arms, wrist, and shoulders are in the perfect form. This insures and gives you the best results faster. 


    The Perfect At-Home, On-The-Go Workout 

    The Push Up Board helps build strength anywhere. It's lightweight, portable, and convenient. Push-ups are a timeless workout that strengthens all major upper body muscle groups. These boards give you a unique, fun way to train your shoulders, chest, triceps, and back. The 10-in-one design gives you a color-coded key, allowing you to focus on specific muscle groups depending on the handle's grip. 

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