Fit Falcon

Fit Falcon™ | Yoga Mat

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The Best gift for yoga lovers.  

✅Anti-Slip Special design make the yoga mat great grip and slip-free, even if you sweat a lot. To avoid re-adjusting the position of the mat, it is necessary to choose the one that gives a better grip like our Yoga Mat with Position Line TPE. 


✅Eco-Friendly TPE is recyclable, decomposable, non-toxic, and odor-less so it is harmless to you. You can only achieve the yoga mat benefits if the material used is eco-friendly and would not pose harm to your health.  


✅EASY TO CLEAN AND STORAGE: When you finished your exercise, you just need to use a wet towel, wipe it lightly. You may also spot clean with a damp cloth and cold water with mild detergent. Dry flat, please don't expose to the sun for an extended period. Thanks to its moderate thickness, it can be easily folded and rolled up. When you are not using it, you can make it stand by the wall, put it under the bed or inside your closet  


✅Perfect Thickness: The most vital feature to consider in selecting a yoga mat is the thickness, with our product having 6 mm high-density mat can absorb impact on joints and give great support for users of any level, especially beginners. It also has a size of 183cm x 61cm that will perfectly fit you.   


✅Come with one black carry bag so you can store it and take it anywhere.

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